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web development / Database Administration and flash animation easy to use software for beginners, Amadeous Web services, API integration, drag and drop applications Consulting, contact us for more detail

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About Us

Webplus NG Solutions is an Information Technology Company which provides high-tech technology solutions. We also offer consultancy in the field of online web advertising, web development and Database Administration, Amadeous Web Services Integration, Payment Gateway API integration, Mobile Application Development, Flight, Hotel, Transfer XML Integrations, Accounting package, Online booking platform for flight, Hotels and Car rental, Hardware Computer Configuration, Wireless internet Connection, Computer security and many more.

Our strength is drawn from our access to current hi-tech equipment’s and an independent high-tech proficiency team with high profile achievement in specialized areas,. specializing in website development and internet solution provider, domain name registration and hosting, database administration, computer sales and services, networking(cabled and wireless), internet access (dail-up and Vsat internet access), IT-training, graphic design, and consultancy services, etc.

It is our believe that technology, holds the key to building stainable competitive advantage, and internet being the best resource that has happened to mankind in an increasingly global market is one way in which that can be achieved.

We have unique global reach and capability backed by our experienced, diverse and knowledgeable team of employees, our client view us as their marketing information partners and we are proud in offering them insights and knowledge unparalleled in the industry, why limit your business potentials, get linked with the international business community and watch your business grow with profit. Webplus is strategically placed through its unique services, highly skilled manpower, user-friendly approach and top of the range technical competence, to reap from the numerical strength of the untapped Nigerian market.

Also, the Company maintains an extended range of international contacts, which ensures that we can mobilize and assign to any project, whatever level of skill that maybe required. In order to meet up with technological advancement, Webplus, has forged strategic alliances with global and local organizations on the cutting edge of technological development. As your organizational needs to grow, Webplus will work with you to capitalize on your investments and attain your corporate IT objectives.

In line with it's corporate objectives, the company shall grow into functional subsidiaries to cater for it's core businesses with a view to encouraging industry growth, innovative management and accountability with an overall goal of satisfying the ever increasing market of this computer age.