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web development / Database Administration and flash animation easy to use software for beginners, Amadeous Web services, API integration, drag and drop applications Consulting, contact us for more detail

Domain name registration and hosting click her for price list

What we do

Web development / Web Services / Mobile App / API integration  

Web are professional in database solutions website, Amadeous web service and API intergration, flight, hotel, transfer XML integration, mobile app development, Mobile Application Developer, API payment Gateway integration, Online Email Marketing, Chat Application

The greatness and standard to be attained from this project will ultimately make your company/organization a force to recon with in the industry.

IT Training  

For the computer age to sustain itself, new entrants has to be trained in the usage and programming of computers. While professionals need regular updates every now and then. Webplus has been in the forefront of training students in both the operations(hardware engineering) and programming(software engineering) aspect of computers. it also holds seminars on new developments in the IT industry, to inform and keep users abreast of new technologies in the computer world. We have a wellequiped laboratory for training, which is situated in a very condusive area fitted with computers, internet and airconditioners

Computer Sales and Services  

We deals on all types of computer systems; desktop, notebooks, and servers, from various manufacturers. Procurement and sales of computer parts is in line with the company's goal to ensure efficient after-sales-support for all hardware sold to customers.We offer a broad spectrum of services including system assessment, implementation, and deployment services. Custom programming, as well as data migration and recovery. We also do various LAN and WAN installations, using various technologies, including Ethernet,
Wireless AP, Microwave, Wifi, dail-up, VSAT; Ku-Band & C-Band.

Computers sales include products of Dell, Compaq, and Hewlett Packard. We sell and assembly various categories of computer, ranging from pentium one to the highest grade of pentium computers,all these include nstallation and after sales services.

In tune with its corporate policy, to ensure customer satisfaction, We maintains a highly equipped computer -repair laboratory, to handle both after-sale-support for systems supplied and repair other systems brought in by clients. We offer services with highly qualified professionals, whose mission is to enable our clients maximize and enhance return on investments


With the latest technology in computer hardware engineering, we provide networking services both cabled and wireless with fast internet connection, we also provide network and internet securities against hackers and virus intrusion both offline and online.

Domain Registration and Hosting  

domainWe offer international domain registration and hosting, We have a standard hosting server situated in london and USA and with the latest technology applications and 99% up time and 24hrs customer services, from domain registration to hosting and web development we will assist you all the way.

We will also assist you in configuring your personalised email under your domain name, below is a price list
of our domain registration and hosting

Price For Domain Registration and Hosting (Linux server)
Domain registration = N2,500
Domain registration with 20mg hosting = N4,500
Domain registration with 50mg hosting =N7,000
Domain registration with 100mg hosthing =N10,000
Domain registration with 1000mg(1G) hosting =N35,000

For any package not listed here please contact us.

Consultancy Srvices  

We provide professional consultancy services for companies, government paracetals, individuals etc, Our consultancy services covers various aspect of info tech technology i.e hardware, software, web development, databases, web services, mobile development domain and hosting, e-newsletter,internet solution etc We have a team of seasoned professionals that possessed more than 15years experience on IT solutions.

We are well equiped to handle any kind of consultancy services, both indoor and outdoor, This experience gives our customers the peace of mind that their training are being managed by veteran professionals. We also undertake hardware consultancy.